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TJ Lang is a douche. Any player/coach who allows eight sacks in one half of football should be embarrassed.

Mr. Lang, you should remind MD Jennings about what to do in a Hail Mary situation: bat the ball down, don’t try to catch it.

The Green Bay Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks not because of a bad call at the end of the game, but because they didn’t play particularly well.

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[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/grantruby/statuses/66408870838407168″%5D

Last night, after finally putting Eastern Conference Champions‘ new album into my iTunes library and giving it a listen, I tweeted the above. I tweet such mini-reviews fairly often. I like to share good music with friends, and this is an easy and quick way to do so. I rarely think about such 140 character reviews after I post them. Today, I opened TweetDeck and saw this @reply:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/ECCMUSIC/statuses/66544207753510913″%5D

This is evidence that ECC understand the value of social media, and Twitter in particular. I don’t expect bands to reply to me even when I ask them a direct question, and I certainly have no expectations of a response when I evangelize for them. It’s rare that a musician contacts me directly, and it’s pretty awesome when they do. And this coming from a guy that has been in radio for more than 10 years.

Catch ECC on their upcoming tour:

05/15 House Of Blues,  Houston, TX
05/17 House Of Blues, New Orleans, LA
05/18 Free Bird Live, Jacksonville Beach, FL
05/19 House Of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC
05/20 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC
05/22 Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA
05/23 The Norva, Norfolk, VA
05/25 St. Andrew’s Hall, Detroit, MI
05/26 Bogart’s, Cincinnati, OH
05/27 House Of Blues, Cleveland, OH
05/31 Higher Ground, Burlington, VT
06/08 House Of Blues, Chicago, IL
06/09 Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, IN
06/11 Pianos, New York


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Earlier this month, having spent some time with the new Foo Fighters album Wasting Light, I posted the above tweet. Yesterday my good friend Lauralee posted this:

When I pointed out that she had posted nearly the exact same thing I did, but two weeks later, we had a laugh. Cause that’s what friends do.

Miss your stupid face, Lulu.

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The Knux are hilarious on their Twitter feed, but today they got serious and gave us their new song “She’s So Up.” The video above has the audio, and  2DopeBoyz put up a download. Snag it here.

If this is where they’re going with their follow up to Remind Me In 3 Days then color me happy.

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I sent that tweet earlier today and was surprised when Travis Barker actually responded. Though his words were a little more harsh. He sent this Direct Message:

So yeah, I don’t think Travis Barker likes me very much. I have no ill will toward Barker as a person, but aside from his project with DJ AM he hasn’t done anything worth a listen since the first Transplants album.

If you’re not familiar with the Trent Reznor tweet about Chris Cornell:

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With the above tweet Foo Fighters introduced the world to the full stream of their forthcoming seventh studio album, Wasting Light. Listen to it in full below. But fair warning, it may very well melt your face.

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Dave Grohl has been very active on Twitter of late. The Foo Fighters are recording a new album and he has been posting pictures and video from the studio. Recently, he posted pictures of the original Foo Fighters cassette. I still remember very well the first time I heard this band. Marco Collins played them on 107.7 The End in Seattle. I immediately fell in love and have been a huge fan ever since.

This is a piece of rock and roll history, and it’s pretty cool that Grohl still has it.

Hit the jump to check out pictures of the original Foo Fighters cassette tape.


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