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Released in 1999, this is a great punk compilation of songs that are all :30 or shorter. Featuring punk icons like NOFX, Green Day, Blink 182, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Rancid and many more, this is a who’s-who of late 90s punk.

Some of my favorites:

Less Than Jake “Anchor” [audio:smfsp/02%20Anchor.mp3]

Nerf Herder “Doin’ Laundry” [audio:smfsp/11%20Doin’%20Laundry.mp3]

AFI “Hearts Frozen Soil Sod Once More By the Spring Of Rage, Despair and Hopelessness” [audio:smfsp/17%20Hearts%20Frozen%20Soil%20Sod%20Once%20More%20By%20The%20Spring%20Of%20Rage%20Despair%20And%20Hopelessness.mp3]

The Offspring “Hand Grenades” [audio:smfsp/45%20Hand%20Grenades.mp3]

NOFX “See Her Pee” [audio:smfsp/64%20See%20Her%20Pee.mp3]

Pick up Short Music For Short People on Amazon or download on Mediafire.

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Part six in this series has some real gems in it. Songs in bold are featured after each review for your listening pleasure.

Surfer Blood Astro Coast
This West Palm Beach indie rock band garnered quite a bit of attention in 2009 with the release of their first single, “Swim.” Pitchfork named it the 37th best song of the year on their 100 Best Songs of 2009 list. They then released their debut album, Astro Coast, in January of this year and have been steadily increasing the public awareness of their band ever since. When I finally discovered them this summer I was aghast that I hadn’t heard of them before. They’re just that good. Their sound is a smooth amalgamation of Weezer, Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr and Pavement. At times wispy, at times charging, but always grooving. The band made the jump to Warner Bros., from Kanine Records (Grizzly Bear, Chairlift), in September and have been touring the US this fall. Be sure to give a listen to “Swim,” “Twin Peaks,” and “Floating Vibes.”


Free Energy Stuck On Nothing
I’m still not fully sure whether I like this album. They also sound like Weezer, Pavement, and other nerd rock bands, but they don’t really stand out against their predecessors or their peers (like Surfer Blood does). There are only a couple of songs on this album that really stand out against their own music, for that matter. While Rolling Stone, SPIN and Pitchfork all gave this album favorable reviews; I just don’t quite see it. Most of the album is decent filler, but “Bang Pop” is a great track, and is the one that sounds most like Dinosaur Jr. on this album, and the catchiest, as well. The band shows promise with this album, and that is why I present it to you. Other good songs here are “Dark Trance” and “Light Love.”


Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Where The Messengers Meet
This folk-inspired indie-rock band from Seattle, WA has garnered some attention since the release of their 2009 self-titled album, and continue to build on the buzz in 2010 with the release of their sophomore effort, Where the Messengers Meet. Lead singer Benjamin Verdoes creates an eerie atmosphere with his vocals that match quite well with the plucky riffs and rolling bass lines. Never getting to high or too low, the band digs out a very solid foundation in the middle-ground area that many indie-rock bands before them have occupied. However, very few have done so with such a wispy and light feeling while also showing depth and soul. “Hurrah” is my favorite track on the album, but you would do a disservice to yourself if you didn’t also check out “In a Hole,” “At Night” and “Cadence.”


Jaill That’s How We Burn
Some bands, while they didn’t start a genre still have a sound that embodies and defines said genre. That’s how I feel about Jaill and “indie.” There are a lot of other bands that define the sound of this genre, but Jaill is on the list. They are just catchy enough to keep your attention, but not poppy enough to be considered mainstream. The vocals are just off-key enough, but not so much as to be an annoyance. The production is just muddled enough to sound like it was done on tape, but not so much as to sound like it was done in a garage. This is also one of my favorite covers of the year. I really like that photograph. “Everyone’s Hip” is my favorite song on this album, but I also really dig “The Stroller,” “She’s My Baby,” and the acoustic “Summer Mess.”


Francis and the Lights It’ll Be Better
He’s befriended Kanye West, has toured with Drake, received accolades from many blogs and print publications, and been featured on several hip hop songs. His brand of R&B, soul, pop is unique and refreshing. From the unapologetic funk bass line of “For Days,” to the straight up R&B soul of “Tap the Phone,” to the downtrodden, soulful lyrics of the title track, to the minimalist beats of “In a Limousine,” Francis Starlight deftly maneuvers the cross-genre sound with aplomb. This album will no doubt end up on my end-of-year list. It’s not feel-good music, but not everything needs to be. His voice, songwriting and look combine to create an artist that should be around for a long time. “For Days” and “Tap the Phone” are my favorites, and you should also check out “In a Limousine” and “It’ll Be Better.”


Plenty more great albums after the jump. (more…)

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I’ve done these Twenty-some posts a couple times before. Here are twenty-some more albums that will tickle your ear drums:

Hot Chelle Rae Lovesick Electric
I discovered these guys when they were on a promotional tour and stopped in the End studio for an interview and brief performance. Their album is dancey emo-pop, and is very well produced. “I Like To Dance” has an infectious groove that cannot be denied. The band hails from, of all places, Nashville, which apparently has a burgeoning dance rock scene that recently spawned Ke$ha.

The Drums Summertime!
I was first introduced to these guys by Marco Collins. He posted the video for “Let’s Go Surfing” on his Twitter and I instantly downloaded this EP. There are some real gems on here. “Don’t Be a Jerk, Johnny” and “Saddest Summer” are equally infectious indie-pop tunes that will make you get up and dance. Unless you’re dead. I don’t know if it will work on the dead.


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It’s time, ladies and gents, for my year-end top 10 list. If you missed the 2008 list, read it here.

This time of year it seems that EVERYONE is doing a top 10 albums of the year list. And sometimes I read the big publications’ lists and think, “How the hell did you include that album?!” This list was compiles entirely by yours truly. If you think some of these don’t belong, well, that’s where your wrong. These are MY top 10 albums of 2009, and hopefully you’ll enjoy many of them, too. (Song titles that are in bold are streaming after each entry.)

So when Santa drops off gift cards for iTunes/Amazon/eMusic in your stocking, these are some suggestions for spending that free cash on some music that I think is pretty dang good.

Let me know what you think of this list in the comments section. What are some of YOUR favorite albums that aren’t listed here?

10. Muse – The Resistance (Sep 15): This album was included in my recent Twenty-some Suggestions post, and is one of several from that mini-series that made the end-of-year list. Muse have been trying to take over America for since their 2004 album Absolution was released. Along with a solid tour schedule, and an amazing (if lip-synced) live show, this band has become a favorite to the Twilight set as they have appeared on both of the soundtracks for the Twilight Saga movies. It’s never a bad thing to be on the hottest soundtrack of the year, that’s for sure. But beyond that, they consistently make great music. The lead single from The Resistance, “The Uprising,” has been #1 on the Modern Rock charts for something like three months! This album may not be chock full of hit singles, but it is chock full of great songs (and even an orchestral suite!). In addition to the single, check out “Undisclosed Desires” and “I Belong To You (+Mon Coeur S’ouvre A Ta Voix)“.


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I just finished writing an email to some of my friends and family with these suggestions of bands to check out. When I was almost finished, I thought to myself, “This would make for a good blog post.” And so I copied the meat and potatoes of the email and pasted it right here for you, because I love you that much.

So here you are, twenty-some bands you should check out. Believe me, your ears will appreciate what you’ve done for them.

Each suggestions comes with a blurb and a link to the band’s MySpace page so you can preview before going about either purchasing or illegally downloading (not a suggestion, I just know how you thieving bastards work!). Read on, if you dare…


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NOFX played last night at In The Venue.

Let’s do a recap, shall we?

I thought you might be interested. Here we go, kids!

I showed up and No Use For A Name were already playing. Shows end really early here, so they start really early. Something I still haven’t gotten used to. And quite frankly, is bothersome. But that’s a blog for another day.

I saw about three songs from NUFAN before they wrapped up, which was disappointing because they do a really awesome live show. I saw them twice in Phoenix over the last year, once at Marquee Theatre with about 2,000 people and once at Clubhouse with about 500. Both shows were intense and judging by the crowd reaction to the few songs that I saw the show at In the Venue was no different.

Then came the long wait for NOFX. The time seemed to go by surprisingly fast. The music played over the PA was a good mix of old and new school punk. But then it took a drastic left turn to “Jamrock” by Stephen Marley. As the opening notes of the song played, NOFX walked on stage. An interesting tongue-in-cheek choice for an intro song from a group that is now one of the oldest (and best) punk bands around.


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