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For the third day of Coachella, we got an early start because I really wanted to see the Main Stage opener, the Knux. I knew Doc would dig ’em because he’s more into the rap stuff than most of what goes on at Coachella.

Day 3 of @coachella is underway. Charging phones then heading in for the Knux. 11:55 AM Apr 19th from txt

The Knux peace out then come back as their DJ plays House of Pain’s "Jump". Only to say "Nah we just messin with yall." 2:17 PM Apr 19th from txt

I really dig the Knux, they’re indie hip hop and they make sweet party jams. Pretty similar to the Cool Kids if you’re familiar with them at all. We saw a good chunk of their set, and it was pretty sweet. I’d love to see them in a club like Urban Lounge or something similar. I’m sure it would be off the chain! A good start to Day 3, for sure.


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