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Courtesy of Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

That’s the seismograph from the time frame around Marshawn Lynch’s 67-yard TD run in Saturday’s win over the New Orleans Saints. The ball is estimated to have been hiked about the 100 mark with Lynch crossing the goal line around the 117 mark.

You can view a breakdown of the play on ESPN’s NFC West blog.

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Reading this article on ESPN.com today about how Raphael Palmeiro still denies he ever took performance-enhancing drugs as a player might raise some eyebrows. Not because he’s doing so in hopes that voters will look past that and still vote him into the Hall of Fame. This won’t be a diatribe about why that is a stupid way of trying to get people to forgive you, but rather an opportunity to direct your attention to the ad on the right side of the screen cap above.

“Shocking Muscle Pictures” reads the head line to the advertisement. It then goes on to say, “Scientists in Cambridge have discovered a revolutionary new muscle builder.”

Kudos to ESPN.com for both talking about a player who will likely never get to see the Hall of Fame for using banned substances while at the same time promoting the next generation of those same substances.

Glad to know there’s still some journalistic integrity left out there.

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Earlier today Tiger Woods made his first public appearance since “the incident”. He gave a statement of apology without taking any questions from the very small audience in attendance. Afterward, ESPN immediately started calling Tiger “sincere” and “genuine” and other such hogwash.

Were they watching the same thing I was? I didn’t find Woods to be sincere at all. My thoughts were that he was very disingenuous. I thought Mark McGwire’s apology was more sincere than Woods, and I think McGwire was bold-faced lying to us.

Rather than simply taking responsibility for his own actions, Woods took this opportunity to attack the media for following his family and taking pictures of them. He then said that the questions that everyone wants to ask, and the answers to those questions, will stay between him and his wife, Elin. To me, that is not good enough. A public figure like Woods does not get to keep the details private. I generally take the celebrity’s side in things like this, but Woods is literally the face of an entire sport, any sense of privacy he feels he has was lost a long time ago. Even before “the incident”.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is Woods’ nearly 14 minute statement here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m not buying it. Not even a little.

What do you think?

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Kenny Mayne has been a staple of ESPN for years. His dry comedic style really hits home for me. He’s been one of my favorite personalities on the World-Wide Leader In Sports for a long time. Mayne has a web-based series titled Mayne Street with goofy portraits of life inside the Bristol, Connecticut, compound that houses ESPN.

In the latest webisode, Mayne takes a shot at Twitter, the new social-networking site that has blown up in 2009. Check out the video after the jump.


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Have you been watching the X Games on ESPN? I’ve been recording it and was doing some catch up today. Check out the crazy shit Danny Way and Bob Burnquist, et al were doing in the Big Air competition.

It’s fucked up to watch these guys do this to themselves, but it’s pretty amazing that they get up and keep competing. It’s insane, actually.

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