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Datarock recently released their California EP for which this is the title track. The video was filmed at Lollapalooza in Chilé.

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Datarock will release “the most extravagant single in history” when the band plays SXSW later this month. The video for “Catcher In the Rye” was filmed, according to information on YouTube, at that future event.

Believe it or not, but this video was actally shot at our forthcoming release party at SXSW – a perfect mix between the past (J.D. Salinger’s amazing novel), the present (the most extravagant single in history) and the future (SXSW ’11)

For details on their SXSW show and the forthcoming “Catcher In the Rye” single and video shoot, head to datarockmusic.com.

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Datarock has a new album coming out in March, and the first song was released today on SPIN.com.

According to SPIN:

Norwegian dance rock duo Datarock are boasting, big time, about their forthcoming release, calling it “the most extravagant single in history.” And it is indeed pretty damn cool — a custom designed USB drive, stored inside a vinyl toy, and packed with over 100 songs, 1500 photos, 20 music videos, and a full concert film!



The song, “Catcher In the Rye,” is definitely better than anything on the band’s last album, Red. Which bodes well for the new album.

I wish Datarock was playing Coachella!

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Datarock. I loves ’em. Their new album Red is due out in September (though it leaked months ago), and the band has released a video for their ode to Talking Heads, “True Stories,” on SPIN.com. The jumpsuit wearing Swedes are one of the most fun groups around today, and this video only helps to solidify their place in the pantheon of party music.

Check out the iPod commerical-like video after the jump.


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I just finished writing an email to some of my friends and family with these suggestions of bands to check out. When I was almost finished, I thought to myself, “This would make for a good blog post.” And so I copied the meat and potatoes of the email and pasted it right here for you, because I love you that much.

So here you are, twenty-some bands you should check out. Believe me, your ears will appreciate what you’ve done for them.

Each suggestions comes with a blurb and a link to the band’s MySpace page so you can preview before going about either purchasing or illegally downloading (not a suggestion, I just know how you thieving bastards work!). Read on, if you dare…


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I’ve putting this post together for more than a week. Don’t get your hopes up, though, it’s not good enough for a week’s worth of effort. Anyway, with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to it!

I generally hate my birthday.

It’s supposed to be a day that is all about me. It’s the one day a year a person is allowed to be selfish, self-centered, and celebrate themselves.

But mine is usually forgotten.

I’ve had very few birthdays in my life that I can remember being really good. I didn’t get a cake for my 16th birthday, and no one remembered it until 3 weeks later. That’s just one example, but I don’t often finish the day thinking, “Man, that was one hell of a birthday!”


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