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According to the YouTube description, this is from a show at Bogart’s in Long Beach, CA on February 16, 1990. That would have put it only a few short months before Dave Grohl joined the band, and about a year-and-a-half before Nevermind hit the shelves in record stores everywhere.

Happy New Year!

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50. Local Natives – “Sun Hands”
49. The Tallest Man on Earth – “Burden of Tomorrow”
48. April Smith and the Great Picture Show – “Colors”
47. Beach House – “Norway”
46. Free Energy – “Free Energy”
45. Joanna Newsom – “Good Intentions Paving Company”
44. BLK JKS – “Zol!”
43. Sarah Jaffe – “Clementine”
42. Deerhunter – “Helicopter”
41. The Walkmen – “Stranded”
40. Sufjan Stevens – “I Walked”
39. Dr. Dog – “Stranger”
38. Belle & Sebastian – “I Want the World to Stop”
37. Jamey Johnson – “Poor Man Blues”
36. New Pornographers – “Crash Years”
35. The Black Keys – “Tighten Up”
34. Avi Buffalo – “Truth Sets In”
33. Freelance Whales – “Hannah”
32. Magic Kids – “Hey Boy”
31. Surfer Blood – “Floating Vibes”
30. Gorillaz – “Stylo”
29. Suckers – “It Gets Your Body Movin’”
28. Vampire Weekend – “Horchata”
27. Yeasayer – “Ambling Alp”
26. Stornoway – “Zorbing”

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People that freak out like this when they get a present make Christmas stupid. Don’t let your little kids do this, let alone your grown up kids.

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Reading this article on ESPN.com today about how Raphael Palmeiro still denies he ever took performance-enhancing drugs as a player might raise some eyebrows. Not because he’s doing so in hopes that voters will look past that and still vote him into the Hall of Fame. This won’t be a diatribe about why that is a stupid way of trying to get people to forgive you, but rather an opportunity to direct your attention to the ad on the right side of the screen cap above.

“Shocking Muscle Pictures” reads the head line to the advertisement. It then goes on to say, “Scientists in Cambridge have discovered a revolutionary new muscle builder.”

Kudos to ESPN.com for both talking about a player who will likely never get to see the Hall of Fame for using banned substances while at the same time promoting the next generation of those same substances.

Glad to know there’s still some journalistic integrity left out there.

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Merry Christmas.


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Best Viral Video of 2010? [WATCH]

Now go delete your Facebook page.

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