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Yesterday I received an email from the Pixies that announced the band was launching a new website.

According to the email:

It feels like the right time for the band to have a proper home, share some music, and provide a place for fans and the band to communicate. We’ll be releasing live shows once a week starting immediately, and have posted a free show (Live at Coachella, 2004) just for you through the end of the week.

What’s that? A free weekly download? Since Kanye West started his G.O.O.D. Fridays download series a few other artists and groups have started a weekly download. (See: Swizz Beatz Free Music Series: Monster Mondays) Now it seems the Pixies are in on the weekly download game, too.

I am okay with that.

And the first free download is the band’s epic 2004 Coachella set? Sign me up!

To get the download of the 20-track 2004 Coachella set, head to lalapixiesloveyou.com.

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Fox News recently erupted in unison at comments made by President Obama about the US economy.

Using the analogy that the economy is a car that has been driven into a ditch by Republicans, and that Democrats have worked long and hard to get the car out of the ditch and back on the road, he said:

And suddenly, as we’re about to get in the car, we feel this tap on our shoulder, and we look back, and who is it? It’s the Republicans. And they say, “Excuse me, we’d like the keys back.” And we got to tell them, “I’m sorry, you can’t have the keys back. You don’t know how to drive.” You don’t know how to drive. If you want, you can ride with us, but you’ve got to ride in the backseat. We’re putting middle-class families in the front seat where they belong.

The right seems to think that was racially charged and reverse-racism. That it is a reference to Rosa Parks, specifically, and the civil rights movement in general. Here’s how Fox News responded:

First, there was no reference to a bus in Obama’s speech. To add that reference after-the-fact is, at the very least, disingenuous, and worse yet is a blatant re-writing of the facts. Secondly, when did the Republican party become a race? When I fill out forms that ask for my race I don’t see “Republican” as an option.

I have no issue with the Republicans and Fox News disagreeing with Obama in principle, but to put meaning behind his words that clearly wasn’t there is despicable. Argue the merits of the statement if you disagree, but don’t change what he said to fit your agenda of fear-mongering.

The Republicans, and their mouth-pieces at Fox News, are grasping at straws in an attempt to get the American public to vote them back into Congress. Don’t let them manipulate you, or the facts. Educate yourself on the issues, and vote accordingly.

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You’ve no doubt seen the commercials. FaceTime has become a marketing point of the iPhone 4. And now, if you have a Mac, you can get it for your computer, too. I downloaded FaceTime Beta today, and tested it out with Corey O’Brien of X96. The app worked quite well and I can definitely see myself using this in the future, but the conversation did kill Corey’s battery.

With FaceTime, not only can Mac users video chat with other Mac users, but they can chat with anyone who as an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch with FaceTime. There isn’t really a need for another computer-to-computer video chat service, but the ability to video chat with any iPhone 4 user is a huge plus.

As the Apple site puts it:

FaceTime for Mac makes it possible to talk, smile, wave, and laugh with anyone on an iPhone 4, iPod touch, or Mac from your Mac over Wi-Fi. So you can catch up, hang out, joke around, and stay in touch with just a click. Sure, it’s great to hear a voice. But it’s even better to see the face that goes with it.

If you want to be in on the beta for FaceTime for Mac, head over to apple.com and download it now.

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Kings of Leon performed on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but if you watched the show in Utah, you likely missed their second performance. The band started with the first single from their latest, and sure to be a commercial success, album Come Around Sundown, and followed up with a spooky version of one of the best songs on the new album in “Pyro.”

Check out the second performance after the jump.


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Kanye West has G.O.O.D. Fridays, and now Swizz Beatz has Monster Mondays.

West announced via Twitter that his friend and collaborator has started a free music series. No doubt inspired by the success of West’s free weekly mp3, Swizz, who appeared on the first G.O.O.D. Fridays download, will now grace our ears each week with his own free download.

The first, “DJ Play the Beat,” features Estelle and is available now at basquiatmusic.com.

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Unlike the reissue we saw in 2005, Trent Reznor is actually involved in this one. Thank god.

According to the NIN website, Reznor and longtime engineer Tom Baker have remastered the album “for a greatly improved sonic experience.” The reissue will also include “Sin” b-side and Queen cover “Ged Down, Make Love.”

The reissue will be released worldwide on November 22 via UMe/Bicycle Music Company.

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I make no secret of my love of Florence Welch and her band Florence + the Machine. So I don’t know how I missed the video for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack song “Heavy In Your Arms.” The single for the song will be released November 15, and a reissue of her album Lungs, titled Between Two Lungs and featuring a bonus disc of new songs and remixes, will be out the same day.

The song is a dark, brooding one, as much of her music is, and the video is noir to match the overall feel of the song. In the clip Florence is presumably dead as she is dragged around by an unknown person and laid down in several locations as if being laid to rest. Meanwhile she sings the song that has become a hit with live audiences this summer.

Hit the jump to check out the video.


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