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While reading some blogs this morning, I came across a post on SPIN magazine with the new Interpol video. Here’s what they had to say about the clip:

The clip, directed by Moh Azima, opens with band members standing out in a prairie landscape—but there’s a catch: Each member is actually performing in front of a rectangular-shaped backdrop, meant to blend into the landscape (maybe a barricade?). Then comes the image of lead singer Paul Banks’ head projected on woman’s bodies.

I really think this is a great song, and the album is very good. Hit the jump to check out “Barricade” for yourself.


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This is an ad running in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine. I have it as my Facebook profile picture, and I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment.

It also boggles my mind when a record label (or anyone, really) disables embedding on videos. Because, why would you want people to spread your video around the Internet for free? Heaven forbid someone see your video, or hear your song, then support the band by going to shows and buying merchandise.

Not all record labels have it figured out yet. They are no longer in the music distribution business, they are in the band promotion business. Some labels (not many) are already taking a cut of a band’s touring money and merch sales; those are the ones that have figured it out and will likely weather the storm that file sharing has wrought on the industry. The ones that have not figured out this part out are the ones that will soon be shuttering their doors because they aren’t making any money on album sales and they weren’t smart enough to morph their business model to stay relevant.


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This entry was put on hold after losing my work laptop (and then my job) and then having my CPU crash and burn, blah blah blah. Vol 5 shouldn’t be far behind. Keep your eyes peeled.

As with each of the last three (here, here, and here), this is a list of some good albums you should check out.

She & Him Volume 2
M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel are back with their 2nd offering of Beatles and Motown infused pop rock. This collection is even better than Volume One, which is certainly saying something. While I’m not a huge fan, personally, of this band, there is a level of artistry here that cannot be ignored. Ward and Deschanel work so well together crafting accessible pop music that one can’t help but enjoy the music. My favorite songs here are “In the Sun” and “Gonna Get Along Without You Now,” a song made most famous by the sister duo Patience and Prudence.

The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights
The soundtrack to the documentary film about the Stripes 2007 tour of Canada, where the duo played every providence and territory in Canada, includes some amazing versions of songs you know and love from the blues rock duo. If you haven’t seen the movie, do yourself the favor and remedy that forthwith. In the meantime, give this album a listen and enjoy some of the better audio moments from the movie. My faves here are the cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” “We’re Going To Be Friends” and a slowed down “Fell In Love With a Girl.”

Neon Trees Habits
This Provo band channels the Killers like no other band has with such aplomb as to make one think that they are heir apparent to the throne. The 80s grooves (and even shouts to the decade itself) and personal lyrics will immediately grab your ears and force you into submission. Or maybe you’ll just want to move your feet and shake your hips. Either way, it’s a win. Their song “Animal,” which I helped break at the now defunct 101.9 The End, is garnering some radio attention, but make sure you give “1983” a good listen, too.

Jimi Hendrix Valleys Of Neptune
The most recent posthumous release of Hendrix music features a litany of “previously unreleased” songs, including the title track; long considered the most sought after unreleased song by the psychedelic rocker. While most of the songs have been released in one form or another, they have usually been low quality, and here they get their proper release. Most of the album features the original Jimi Hendrix Experience lineup and was recorded in early 1968 following the success of Electric Ladyland. One of my personal favorites from Hendrix, “Stone Free,” is included along with great songs like title track “Valleys of Neptune” and many other that serve to solidify the reputation of this amazing musician.

Phantogram Eyelid Movies
Are you looking for an album that you can put on and then have a drink on your patio? This is that album. This duo from the Adirondacks make airy, blissful music that is relaxing to the ears. It’s a summer chill album if ever there was one. This album was released on Barsuk Records, original home of Death Cab For Cutie, which gives the band instant credibility for the indie crowd. My faves here are opener “Mouthful Of Diamonds,” “You Are the Ocean and I’m Good At Drowning,” and “10,000 Claps.”

Lots more after the jump.


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Cee-Lo Green, of Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley, just put out a new video for his sure-to-be-a-smash new song “Fuck You.” The song is pretty NSFW if you work in an office that isn’t keen on dropping the f-bomb a ton in three minutes, but the song is no less catchy for the potty mouth sentiment expressed repeatedly.

Cee-Lo’s new album, The Ladykiller, is due October 4th. Head to ceelogreen.com for a free download of another new song, “Georgia.”

Hit the jump to watch the simple video.


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I have made no secret of my love for the new Arcade Fire album The Suburbs on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I have also made no secret that “Ready To Start” is my favorite song on the album. Now there’s a fittingly cinematic video for this amazing song.

Pitchfork posted the video with a very pitchforkian post that included words like massive, artful, rampaging and other such superlatives.

I just want to use “amazing”. Because that’s what this band is. They are amazing on stage, as you’ll see from watching this video, assuming you’ve never had the pleasure to see them live yourself. And they are amazing in the studio, as evidenced yet again with their third album which still sits near the top of the sales charts (#2 this week).

Hit the jump and watch the video. You won’t be disappointed.


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