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John Mayer Announces Summer Tour Dates

John Mayer released all the dates for his summer US tour on his website. And he’s coming back to Utah. The bluesy singer/songwriter will perform at USANA Amphitheater on August 31st. There is a fan pre-sale for the show April 19th and 20th and tickets go on-sale to the public on April 24th at 10am.

Green Day Talk About New Album

MTV News caught up with Green Day recently and the band got to talking about their new album. The group said they’re currently in the songwriting phase for the disc, which will be the follow-up to their 2009 album 21st Century Breakdown. Singer Billie Joe Armstrong told the outlet that they are trying to get back to the basics, which the singer says at first made them sound like crap. The effort is still a work in progress and for now, fans will just have to be happy with catching the Broadway play, American Idiot, which features Green Day’s music. (MTV News)

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Saving you from wasting time on American Idol. I take the gut punch so you don’t have to! Here’s my thoughts on the Idol Top 10.

I’ve only been watching Idol for 3 seasons, but this has to be the worst top 10 in the show’s history.

Does Shiobahn wear those glasses ironically? #ihatehipsterstyle

Chaka Khan deserves better, Shiobahn. I think this is her worst performance yet. And there’s the banshee scream! Ugh.

Every week Casey is told to step out from behind the guitar, and every week he trots it out again. Just a karaoke singer this week.

Idol contestants, take note of Michael’s performance this week. THAT is how u do it. Change the composition, if only a little.

Didi didn’t over do it, as the judges say, she under did it. Very underwhelming performance.

Didi, when someone asks you “Why?” it’s preferable to answer the question, not avoid the question. It will endear u to the audience.

Here goes Tim “Worst Still Standing” Urban.

Tim’s facial expressions make me want to punch a baby. His voice makes me want to throw my TV thru my window.

The judges are RIPPING Tim. It’s about frigging time!

Andrew was a total fan favorite at the beginning of the season, now he’s just another mediocre wannabe. So boring tonight!

Katie may well b the greatest lounge singer of all time, but she is just that: a lounge singer. Couldn’t b less relevant, imo.

If ur taking musical advice from either Kara or Simon, it MUST b Simon. Kara, is a good songwriter, but Simon has launched careers.

Lee reminded me of “Keep the Faith” era Bon Jovi tonite. Not necessarily a good thing. Prob his best performance. Still not very good.

I see Crystal being like David Cook, good on the show but never really heard from again. She could win this and not have a hit record.

Almost forgot about Aaron being on the show. I’ll forget about his performance b4 bed. He’s just filler on a bad show, at this pt.

Top 2 this week: Michael & Crystal. Bottom 2: Shiobahn & Tim. Do the right thing, America!

Follow my real time thoughts on Idol at twitter.com/grantruby.

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Barack Obama Looks At a Hoverboard

I wish I could give a look at all the awesome stuff that Obama gets to look at. Check out all the awesome things Dean Trippe caught Obama looking at.

Being the President totally owns.

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Creeper Convention? No, MJFanvention

The first annual MJFanvention will take place at the Radisson Hotel and Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana.   This is the first tribute event endorsed by the family of Michael Jackson and it is expected to attract thousands of people from around the world for a four-day celebration honoring the late singer’s life and music.  The MJFanvention2010 will be held August 26th to the 29th and  members of the Jackson family will be in attendance and participate in question and answer sessions, sign autographs and take photos. Artists like David Nordahl, who painted several commissioned portraits of Michael, and musicians including guitarist Jennifer Batten, who played with Michael on tour, and others will all participate in discussion panels and question and answer sessions. (MTV News)

Is Everyone Covering Lady Gaga?

Paramore’s Hayley Williams and 30 Seconds to Mars just so happened to have independently cover Lady Gaga’s tune “Bad Romance” this week. Williams posted a video on her Twitter account where she’s shown playing the piano and singing the song in someone’s home. The nearly three minute long clip really displays Hayley’s vocal range and vocal ability. The Jared Leto sung 30 Seconds to Mars version is a more produced effort and adds a darker, moddier edge to the tune. See Hayley’s version over at Twitter.com/YelYahWilliams and hear 30 Seconds rendition over at YouTube.com. (MTV News)

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Bono’s Bad Investments

It seems Bono and his company, Elevation Partners, are not lucky in the world of investments. According to 24/7 Wall Street, the Irish singer is being described as the “worst investor in America.” With large investments in Palm, Forbes and Move.com, the site describes the famous singer’s company’s choices as an unprecedented string of disastrous investments which even bad luck could not explain.” Seems that Bono should stick to the day job. (MTV News)

Bono and U2 will be in Salt Lake June 3rd on the 360° Tour. Tickets available through Smith’s Tix.

Beck and Friends Cover INXS

More details about Beck’s Record Club covering INXS have come out. The musician has teamed up with Os Mutantes, Liars, St. Vincent and others to cover INXS’ 1987 album Kick. Beck says their version of the album was recorded in a little over 12 hours on March 3rd and he described the challenge as “intense, hilarious, daunting and completely fun.” The album includes their versions of “New Sensation,” “Devil Inside,” “Need You Tonight” and “Never Tear Us Apart.” (MTV News)

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The Temper Trap, which released their debut album Conditions earlier this year, have released the video for the lead single “Sweet Disposition.” It’s a pretty cool clip, too. Destroying things always makes a video cooler. Right?

Check it after the jump.


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Book About Pretty Hate Machine Coming Soon

According to reports, a book on Nine Inch Nails’ classic album Pretty Hate Machine is set to come out later this year. The book is part of the 33 1/3 series, which focuses on classic albums. Author Daphne Carr penned the tome and Amazon.com described it saying it “not only tells the story of the birth of NINE INCH NAILS, but also gives voice to a peculiarly American subculture that — especially since the Columbine shootings — has been widely vilified: mall goths, of whom Trent Reznor is undoubtedly the patron saint.” (MTV News)

REM, Peter Gabriel Donate Voices

REM’s Mike Mills, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and Andrew Bird are among the artists taking part in The Voices Project. The charity — co-founded by Peter Gabriel’s daughter Anna — raises funds for women impacted by civil war in Uganda. One artist does a cover, and then the artist who’s been covered does someone else’s song to start a “cover chain.” Peter Gabriel and Brett Dennen are also scheduled to contribute covers this year. (Premiere)

Hit the jump for news on John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson and more.


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