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I just recently found out about this Baltimore two-piece that has their third album coming out on Sub Pop in January. I can’t exactly recall where I heard of them first, but I think it was SPIN Magazine. Today’s Spotlight, “Norway,” is the first single from their forthcoming album Teen Dream. The duo is based in Baltimore, but recorded in a converted church in upstate New York. They’ll be on Jimmy Fallon January 22nd and performing at Sundance Film Festival on January 24th.

Reaction to the song was pretty much split 50/50. Brian called and said, “I didn’t really like it. It sounded like was singing off key.” Jeff said, “I really love that sound. That’s an awesome song.” Amy and her office, “hated it.” Jessi nearly yelled, “loved it!”

If you missed today’s Spotlight, you can hear “Norway” on the band’s MySpace page. You can also find Beach House on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

What do you think of the song?

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Sorry Nintendo 64 Kid, you’ve been upstaged.

The N64 Kid didn’t have a dog barking at him, or that banshee wail. You’ve been relegated.

I wonder if Daniel Tosh knows about this video yet?

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When I first saw this single, I thought “Ugh, ‘twilight’?” and stacked it with the rest of the t0-be-filed CDs. Then a listener who follows me on Twitter (@velofreak) suggested this song for the Spotlight. I gave it a listen and it really fit the mood of the day with the snow falling and the office here completely empty. So I decided to share it with you.

Reaction was pretty much 100% positive for the song. Kortni called in and said the singer reminder her of Bono, which was a theme of the phone calls, and some texts. Chase called in to say he like the songĀ and that it reminded him of U2, “when they were good.” Craig texted in with, “Nice. Keeper.” Natalies text read, “that song was really good! Two thumbs up!”

If you missed today’s Spotlight, check out “Letters From the Sky” on the band’s MySpace page. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

What do you think of the song?

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The last time I played Vampire Weekend on the New Music Spotlight, I received great reaction to this same song, “Cousins”. The band’s sophomore album, Contra, is due out January 12th and early reports are that it is pretty dang good. I’ve played another song from this album, “Horchata,” on the Spotlight as well, and together they make for a great tease to what I expect will be a great album.

Reaction was mostly positive, but not quite as overwhelmingly so this time around. Nicole said, “I love vampire weekend! We need more of them on this station!” And Meredith said, via twitter, “I liked the NMS. More please.” Conversely, Maddie exemplified the other point of view saying, “i didnt really like it. It seemed like there was just too much going on. It did get better at the chorus though!”

If you missed today’s Spotlight, you can check out the video for the song posted right here on grantruby.com. You can catch up with Vampire Weekend on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and their official website.

What do you think of the song?

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I love the song from the Strokes front-man Julian Casablancas, “11th Dimension”. Though I don’t care for much else on his recent solo album, this song is legit. The video is just what one might expect from the almost kitschy, very retro-sounding first single from Phrazes For the Young.

Check out the video below, and peep that Tron looking suit!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What do you think?

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Tori Amos is an artist that everyone is familiar with, but she put out a new Christmas album this year, Midwinter Graces, that you may not be familiar with. Amos recorded several traditional songs like “Star Of Wonder” and “Emmanuel,” and she also recorded some new songs, including today’s Spotlight “A Silent Night With You”.

Reaction to the song was very meh. Some people loved it, some people hated it, but mostly people just thought it was okay. Mindy called in and said, “it sounds like a Dolly Parton song!” Angie, a known Amos fanatic, called and said, “You know I loved it.” Jake called to say, “Please do not play that, please. It sounds like she’s dying or something.” Texts were similar with Jason saying, “not a big tory fan. Blah.” Natalie texted, “i liked it well enough” Karissa commented, “No way! that song made my ears bleed.”

If you missed today’s Spotlight, you can hear “A Silent Night With You” on Amos’ official website. You can also find Amos on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

What do you think of the song?

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Coldplay have collected some interesting items over the past decade, and they want to share some of these items with you, their fan. The band is auctioning off instruments, platinum plaques, costumes and other memorabilia.

And the best part? The money you spend will go to Kids Company, a charity that helps underprivileged youth in London.

The band made a brief promotional video for the auction event:

To find out more about the auction items, and to place a bid, visit coldplay.com.

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