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Live Twitters From VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards took place September 7th. These were the 25th VMAs, and I’m sad to report they were an abysmal exercise in irrelevance. This is a running commentary I did while watching MTV prove, once and for all, that they simply don’t matter any more.

If you were celebrate 25 years of something, wouldn’t you want icons from that 25 years to celebrate with you? Where were Carson Daly, Pauly Shore, Gilbert Godfrey, Martha Quin, Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc?

I watched the whole show, I took one for the team, so that you wouldn’t have to. Read all about what happened after the jump.


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Ratatat Souviners

So, the other day I went to the Ratatat show at In the Venue. I spent the show doing my dance thing behind the sound board. That’s often times where the best sound is in any venue, and In the Venue is certainly no exception.

As soon as the show ended and Ratatat walked off stage, I asked the sound guy if he had a set list. I am a bit of a collector of set lists, and I have quite a few of them. At first the sound guy replied, “I don’t have one I can give you.” I get it, he has to keep one for the house, but he quickly lamented and said, “Fuck it, I can get another one.” And he handed me this:

So that’s pretty awesome. This was a hell of a show, and looking down the set list only confirms that.


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It’s always fun to use Fergie lyrics as a blog title!

I’ve been wanting to get an honest to God laptop bag for months now, and on Labor Day I took the leap and did just that. I was at Gateway, having watched The Rocker (it’s not very good, so don’t bother) and decided to look around to see if any of the shops were having specials on laptop backpacks. I went into Zumiez, Pac Sun and a couple of other shops.

After looking around at several backpacks, and even doing some other looking around, I decided that the DaKine laptop backpack should come home with me. After a week of use, I’m more than happy with the purchase.


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New 0g Hematite Plugs

I’ve been sitting at 2g in my ears for a year or more now. When I first started stretching my ears I wanted to get to 0g. That was always the goal. Now that I’m here? Well, let’s sit on it for a while and see what happens.

So I ordered these Hematite 0g plugs from Body Art Forms, where I have ordered many plugs in the past. This time I ordered up, though. I decided it was time to go to 0g.

My 2g plugs have been loose for some time, falling out at in opportune moments, even when I’m sleeping. So I order the 0g plugs and they show up on Friday. I tried to get ’em in my ears that night, but nothing doing. So I spent the bulk of Saturday tugging on my lobes and getting them stretched out.


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