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So this past weekend was a pretty good one. Got some stuff done around the house, went out a couple times. Saw a comedy show. Pretty good times all around.

Friday night I pretty much did nothing. I had a few beers at home while watching TV. Catching up on my Tivo list and whatnot. There was some Olympics coverage in there that I didn’t really care about, but I was surfing around the Internet doing some downloading, too. A fairly productive night, really.

Saturday was a long day. Got up early to go to work for a few hours of board opping for a remote, then had my own remote that afternoon at Stockton to Malone Honda. Car salesmen are mostly sleaze balls, but Shane, the manager of STMH is a great guy. He really knows his stuff and has his act together. He’s great to deal with. If you’re looking for a car, check out Honda. If for no other reason than Shane. There are plenty of reasons, but that’s one more for you.


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So it’s been nearly 7 weeks. A month and a half, since she left. Sometimes I’m fine with it. Other times I’m not.

Mostly I’m not.

It’s pretty obvious, to myself anyway, that I’ve been fairly depressed the last several weeks. I haven’t really been blogging much, I haven’t downloaded hardly any music since she left, and I’m even having a hard time keeping interest in football.

I know, it’s strange to me, too.


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Today was a good day.

It’s been several good days since the Spring Arbitron book came out. I’m riding a high and I’m loving it.

In just 7 months in Salt Lake City, I’m the #4 mid day show. That’s significant for any market, but moreso in SLC because it’s the most saturated radio market in the country.

And I’m number four.


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It’s been the longest winter without you
I didn’t know where to turn to
See somehow I can’t forget you
After all that we’ve been through

Go in, come in, thought I heard a knock
Who’s there? No one, thinking that I deserved it
Now I realize that I really didn’t know
You didn’t notice, you mean everything
Quickly I’m learning to love again
All I know is, I’ma be okay


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Have you been watching the X Games on ESPN? I’ve been recording it and was doing some catch up today. Check out the crazy shit Danny Way and Bob Burnquist, et al were doing in the Big Air competition.

It’s fucked up to watch these guys do this to themselves, but it’s pretty amazing that they get up and keep competing. It’s insane, actually.

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