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Lately I’ve been paying a lot more attention to lyrical content of the songs I hear. A massive change in a person’s life like the one I recently experienced will do that. The other day I posted what amounted to an empty blog with some song lyrics.

Here’s another one. This from Coldplay.

Lyrics after the jump.


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I’m Published

So there’s a cool website you should check out called Hush Hush Attack!

And they did an interview with me.

Check it out after the jump.


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I first read about the BlackBerry Thunder about a month ago, and immediately fell in love with the concept. A touch BlackBerry? Yes, please. I have never kept it a secret that I really don’t like my Moto Q. No, I despise my Moto Q. I’ve just been waiting for Verizon to get a phone good enough for me to make the plunge into a new phone.

I believe it’s here.

The release date is still a little up in the air, there’s plenty of speculation, but not hard dates from VZW.

But that’s besides the point. The point I’m getting at is that pictures of the new BlackBerry 9500 “Thunder” have leaked. Check ’em out after the jump.


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I think this post needs no commentary:

I’m starting to feel we stay together out of fear of dying alone
I’ve been slipping through the years and my old clothes don’t fit like they once did
So they hang like ghosts of the people I’ve been

But it’s like my heart can’t be tamed and I fall in love every day and I feel like a fool
And I have to face the truth that no one could ever look at me like you do
Like I’m something worth holding on to

There’s times I think of leaving but it’s something I’ll never do
‘Cause you can do better than me but I can’t do better than you

Death Cab Four Cutie “You Can Do Better Than Me”

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I’ve only really had one serious relationship in my life. Sure, I’ve dated lots of girls, but it seems when it gets to that three month mark that they usually dissolve. If you don’t have serious feelings for a person after dating for three months, what’s the point of continuing?

About 17 months ago I started dating the Redhead. And after three months I didn’t want it to stop. I loved her. So we stayed together and it was amazing. Now that has come to an end.

Yep. I’m a bachelor again.

It really sucks to say that.


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