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Finally go to the show. A little late but no worse for the wear. Playing “Oxford Comma” now. Will update after.

Update: Only caught 3 songs before they finished up. They ended with current fave “Walcott”. Pretty awesome. Über bummed that we weren’t able to get there sooner and see the whole set. And equally bummed that they didn’t have a t-shirt for me to buy. They had pretty much the same exact merch they had last time they were here, adding a scarf and book bag to the thin selection.

Very much looking forward to catching a full set from these guys again. Hopefully at one of the summer festivals.

Until then…

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Everyone and their mother does a year-end best-of list. But there are never any lists throughout the year. Sure, magazines will do best-of lists, but there isn’t a list for current music until the end of the year. Well, that’s all changing today. I’m doing a best-of list for the 1st quarter of 2008.What follows are some of the best albums that I’ve found so far this year. Of which there have been many. I also have some stinkers listed here, and several that fall in the middle. Just about all of these albums are worth your time, some more than others.

Top 5: These are the best albums from the 1st quarter of 2008


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The FCC, on Monday, cleared the way for the merger of SIRIUS and XM satellite radio companies. It will amount to a $4.59 billion acquisition of XM by SIRIUS. However, there are 11 states that have a problem with the fact that the FCC applied no conditions to the merger. These attorneys general want the new SIRIUS to be forced to offer things like a universal tuner that would be able to receive signals from any future satellite radio companies, a la carte programming and other stipulations for the merger, saying that the merger of the only two satellite broadcasters is anticompetitive.

I disagree.


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St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal for a lot of people. We all celebrate our Irish heritage, even if we aren’t Irish (I’m a little Scottish, so it works).

Anyway, I used to be one of those people that celebrated St. Patty’s Day simply because it was a day to drink excessively. And, honestly, who doesn’t like to drink excessively now and again?

But that all changed four years ago.

On my way to work early on St. Patty’s in 2004, then at Edge 103.9 in Phoenix (based in Scottsdale), on my motorcycle, a woman (Betty James) pulled out in front of me. I was approaching a stop light and had the green to go. She was coming the opposite direction and turned left across my lane. I hit the side of her trunk, right behind the wheel well, and flew across the intersection, doing a barrel roll/back flip (what’s called a Rodeo in snow sports). I landed, bloodied on the pavement, and screaming.


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