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“The greatest album ever recorded by anyone. Ever. That’s not opinion, that’s fact.”

The D’s new album, Rize of the Fenix, drops May 15th.

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Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters recorded their seventh album in Grohl’s garage. Having heard that throughout the process I assumed they turned his garage into a nice studio. As you can see in this video, they did no such thing. It’s just a garage. As Grohl says in the video, the entire album was recorded and mixed in analog, in the garage.

The coolest part of this video is seeing the guitar that “is the sound of the Foo Fighters,” as Grohl puts it. Interesting that all the Foo Fighters albums have been recorded with, essentially, one guitar.

[via NME]

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These are my famous last words!

With that lyric, a roaring guitar riff and pounding drums, the Foo Fighters have released the first bit of finished music from their forthcoming album. Dave Grohl has said this will be the heaviest Foo album to-date, and judging by this clip I believe him.

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Dave Grohl has been very active on Twitter of late. The Foo Fighters are recording a new album and he has been posting pictures and video from the studio. Recently, he posted pictures of the original Foo Fighters cassette. I still remember very well the first time I heard this band. Marco Collins played them on 107.7 The End in Seattle. I immediately fell in love and have been a huge fan ever since.

This is a piece of rock and roll history, and it’s pretty cool that Grohl still has it.

Hit the jump to check out pictures of the original Foo Fighters cassette tape.


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MUSE Recieves Charity Recognition

Muse is set to receive a special award this summer. The trio have won the 2010 Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef award for musicians who raise money for charity. According to ContactMusic.com, the band did not accept the award last year, despite being nominated, because they didn’t think they were deserving of the honor. Sharon Osbourne will give the Brit group their award in London on July 2nd. (MTV News)

Foo Fighters Drummer Coming To Salt Lake

Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins has announced his side project, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, will release their debut album, Red Light Fever, on April 20th. The effort features collaborations from Taylor’s Foo bandmate Dave Grohl and Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor. Learn more at TaylorHawkins.com. (MTV News)

MTV was a little off on this, the album coming out is actually the band’s sophomore release. 101.9 The End presents Hawkins and the Coattail Riders at the Urban Lounge on April 26th. Get details on this show and others at 1019theend.com.

The band performed last night at the E Center and announced today that they have postponed their Denver date until October due to weather.

Continue reading for news on Kurt Cobain and Bob Dylan.


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The Strokes Recording Without Julian Casablancas?

Julian Casablancas is out on a solo tour right now, which means The Strokes are currently recording new material without him. According to NME.com, the singer is glad that he’s not in the studio for the sessions saying, “I think they [the other band members] did a good job…I’m pretty opinionated. Nothing pushy to the point of it’s my way or no way, but I’ll hear a song and be like, ‘Hmmm, it feels like the bass should be like something different’. Whereas if I feel like I wasn’t in the room then they could just kind of spread their wings.” The Strokes are set to play the Isle of Wight festival on June 12th. (MTV News)

Grammy Winning Phoenix To Release Live Album

NME reports that Phoenix has just released a new live version of their Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album. The eight-track record, titled Live in Sydney, features “Lisztomania,” “1901,” “Fences” and more. For more information, visit WeArePhoenix.com now. (MTV News)

Hit the jump for news on Dave Grohl, Jack White and more.


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Dave Grohl of Them Crooked Vultures is addicted to coffee. The addiction recently landed him in the hospital (or so says the band, who are known for their humor).

Hit the jump for a hilarious docu-comedy on Grohl’s vicious addiction.


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The Kurt Cobain biopic has been on and off for years, but the heat has really been building of late. Now Dave Grohl, drummer of the iconic Nirvana, is letting everyone know who he would like to portray him in the movie. In a recent article in People magazine, Grohl said:

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m crossing my fingers that Shelley Duvall plays me,” the musician deadpans to PEOPLE. And though it may seem to be an odd choice for casting directors, Grohl explains why the actress made famous by being chased around by an ax-weilding Jack Nicholson is the right “man” for the job.

“Shelley Duvall in The Shining …” he says, laughing. “That is MY face, you cannot get any closer than that.”

Who else would make a good Dave Grohl?

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Dave Grohl and his new band Them Crooked Vultures were the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. But Grohl didn’t stop with just TCV, he also debuted another new band, or a band that was getting back together, anyway.

Crisis Of Conformity is a band that I would love to see live. Here’s the band’s reunion performance from SNL:

And here is his real band performing “New Fang”:

Them Crooked Vultures will be performing at Coachella in April.

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It’s time, ladies and gents, for my year-end top 10 list. If you missed the 2008 list, read it here.

This time of year it seems that EVERYONE is doing a top 10 albums of the year list. And sometimes I read the big publications’ lists and think, “How the hell did you include that album?!” This list was compiles entirely by yours truly. If you think some of these don’t belong, well, that’s where your wrong. These are MY top 10 albums of 2009, and hopefully you’ll enjoy many of them, too. (Song titles that are in bold are streaming after each entry.)

So when Santa drops off gift cards for iTunes/Amazon/eMusic in your stocking, these are some suggestions for spending that free cash on some music that I think is pretty dang good.

Let me know what you think of this list in the comments section. What are some of YOUR favorite albums that aren’t listed here?

10. Muse – The Resistance (Sep 15): This album was included in my recent Twenty-some Suggestions post, and is one of several from that mini-series that made the end-of-year list. Muse have been trying to take over America for since their 2004 album Absolution was released. Along with a solid tour schedule, and an amazing (if lip-synced) live show, this band has become a favorite to the Twilight set as they have appeared on both of the soundtracks for the Twilight Saga movies. It’s never a bad thing to be on the hottest soundtrack of the year, that’s for sure. But beyond that, they consistently make great music. The lead single from The Resistance, “The Uprising,” has been #1 on the Modern Rock charts for something like three months! This album may not be chock full of hit singles, but it is chock full of great songs (and even an orchestral suite!). In addition to the single, check out “Undisclosed Desires” and “I Belong To You (+Mon Coeur S’ouvre A Ta Voix)“.


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