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31 years ago today Mount St. Helens in Southern Washington blew her top. This is a picture of the event that my dad took. You can see the ash cloud rising from the mountain in the center. It would get much larger, of course. This is one of my favorite pictures. I was only one (almost two) at the time, so I don’t remember it, but my older siblings do. I’ve been to the mountain many times over the years and seen its miraculous recovery. It still has small eruptions, from time to time, but none like May 18, 1980.

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President Barack Obama, only a few days after ordering the invasion of a compound in Pakistan that was believed to be the hideout of al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, sat down with Steve Kroft of CBS News’ 60 Minutes. The above video is the full interview which includes several minutes that were not seen in the original broadcast, which can be viewed at cbsnews.com.

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The woman in this video, Jennifer Zuniga of Ceres, CA, that encourages her son to fight has been arrested. I think she should be released and awarded some Mother of the Year trophy.

God bless Uh-merica.

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The explanation: http://io9.com/5725175/

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101.9 The EndThere has been a lot of speculation over the last several days as to what happened to 101.9 The End, the radio station that I worked at until Tuesday morning. I would like to set the record straight, in my own words, here.

As was first reported by AllAccess.com (the original item has since been removed), and later reported by City Weekly and Deseret News, the End is no more. The long standing station has been replaced by Generation X, a format heavy on 90s music including hair metal, rock and hip hop, that has no live DJs.

Prior to the change on Wednesday, I was let go and no longer work for KENZ or its owner, Citadel Broadcasting. As of now, there is no plan in place for me to be back on the airwaves in Salt Lake City. However, I have a few solid job leads and many of my friends in the industry have been very helpful in my search for new employment.

If you have any questions about the switch from the End to Gen X, feel free to post them here, and I will answer them as best I can. But keep in mind, I do not work there, and as such I have no inside information on the goings on of the new 101.9 FM.

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support on Facebook and elsewhere. Your kind words are very appreciated.

**update: I have been made aware of a story that ran on sltrib.com about this, too. Find it here.**

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Vatican Forgives the Beatles

In 1966, John Lennon claimed that The Beatles were “more popular than Jesus,” a statement that enraged many Catholics.  However, this week, the Vatican has made peace with the Fab Four.  According to the Associated Press, The Vatican newspaper paid tribute to the group to mark the 40th anniversary of the band’s break-up.  The paper printed an article that reads, “It’s true, they took drugs; swept up by their success, they lived dissolute and uninhibited lives…But, listening to their songs, all of this seems distant and meaningless.”  The article goes on, “Their beautiful melodies, which changed forever pop music and still give us emotions, live on like precious jewels.” (MTV News)

Weezer Joins Record Store Day Fun

Weezer is getting in on all the Record Store Day fun.  The band will support local music retailers by releasing a special limited-edition CD featuring five tracks. The collection features live versions of “I’m Your Daddy,” “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” “Why Bother,” “Brain Stew” and “Buddy Holly.” Record Store Day takes place on Saturday and music lovers can learn all about it now at RecordStoreDay.com. (MTV News)

For more news on Bono and Green Day…


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Green Day Announce RockBand Details

On June 8th, Green Day: Rock Band will be released to the world. The track listing for the highly anticipated videogame includes 47 tracks including hits from Dookie, American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. The game depicts the band playing three separate venues, Milton Keynes in England, a fictional venue called The Warehouse and The Fox Theatre in Oakland, California. Green Day: Rock Band features the likenesses of Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool and hits shelves on June 8th. (MTV News)

Hayley Williams In New Weezer Video

Hayley Williams is a big Weezer fan and recently got to sing their classic track, “Say It Aint So,” onstage with the band. The Paramore singer has teamed up with the group once again and appears in their new video for “I’m Your Daddy.” Fans should be sure to look for the flame-haired singer at about the one minute and 30 seconds mark. Check it out now at Weezer.com. (MTV News)

More news on Kings of Leon and Amy Winehouse after the jump.


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Heeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaack!

Conan O’Brien will make his return to Late Night TV this fall when he joins TBS for an 11pm show.

Get all the details from Billboard.

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Blur To Release New Music For Record Store Day

Blur is back! The British band is set to release two new songs as a limited-edition seven-inch vinyl single for Record Store Day on Saturday. The tracks were reportedly recorded two weeks ago. The band explained they decided to make new music for the event because “music is a simple way for Blur to show our support and we hope people like it.” Blur’s last album, Think Tank, came out in 2003. (MTV News)

For full details on all Record Store Day releases, visit recordstoreday.com.

Pete Wentz Direct’s Video For Train

He’s no longer a Fall Out Boy, but Pete Wentz is keeping busy. The famous bassist is directing a video for Train for the song “If It’s Love?” MTV News reports that Wentz taught himself how to direct a video by reading a book titled The Film Director’s Institution.  Wentz says that he and Train frontman Pat Monahan are “kindred spirits” and revealed that the clip draws from classic videos like Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone” and Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady.” (MTV News)

More news on Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Heath Ledger…


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MGMT Announce World Tour

MGMT has announced the details of their world tour in support of their second album, Congratulations. The band’s record comes out on Tuesday, but they’ll begin the celebrations with a show on Monday night at The Filmore in San Francisco. The duo will then play a full tour with stops at Coachella, Sasquatch and elsewhere. Fans of MGMT can hear the entire Congratulations album, which is streaming now on WhoIsMGMT.com. (MTV News)

The tour will make its way to Salt Lake City on June 4th.

Beatles Re-release For Record Store Day

When the Beatles released their iconic music, it was all bought by fans at record stores, so it makes sense that the group will take part in next week’s Record Store Day.  To help celebrate independent record stores, a single from the Fab Four will come out on Record Store Day – April 17th.  It’s a limited-edition seven-inch with “Paperback Writer” backed with “Rain.”  Spinner.com reports that the single was originally released in May of 1966.  Learn more about Record Store Day at RecordStoreDay.com. (MTV News)

The Rolling Stones will also release a limited edition 7″ for Record Store Day.

More news on Green Day and Sheryl Crow.


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