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With their 10th album just announced (Lightning Bolt is due October 15th), Pearl Jam has unleashed the first single from the forthcoming album. “Mind Your Manners” starts with a minimalist yet rich riff reminiscent of “Even Flow” from Ten, the band’s 1991 debut. The song quickly builds to something that could easily have fit on Backspacer, their last studio album, which was a refreshing rocker from a band that had yet to fully emerge from a nearly decade-long rut. This song signals more of a good thing. And I, for one, am quite happy about that.

You can pre-order the album now at pearljam.com or from iTunesicon.

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You won’t see me post many clips from Ellen, for the same reason you won’t see clips from The View. However, as a supporter of the Approve 74 campaign in Washington State, and a fan of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, I share this moving performance of “Same Love” from the duo’s new album HeistFind on iTunes Find on Amazon Find on Spotify

If you’re a voter in Washington, please vote to Approve Referendum 74.

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Shivering Timbers are an Akron, Ohio-based trio fronted by married couple Sarah and Jayson Benn. Discovered by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys when they performed at his birthday. Auerbach was so enthralled by the band that he produced their debut album.

“Generations” comes from the band’s sophomore release, Sing Sing, available digitally on Amazon.com, iTunes or on CD at shiveringtimbers.com.

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I was introduced to yOya by a friend who is involved with Project Snowball, a music sharing community built on the premise of promoting great artists to friends. The duo is from Corvalis, Oregon but relocated to LA where the cities electronic music affected their folk music stylings to create a great mix that is reminiscent of bands like Of Monsters and Men and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

Their 2010 debut album Nothing to Die is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.com.

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New wave stalwarts Devo have finally released their ode to Seamus Romney, who was famously tied to the roof of the Romney family car on one of their road trips in 1983. The band says they don’t have a full album in the works, but are not against posting songs as they are created.

(via RollingStone.com)

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Bloc Party have ended their hiatus and will release the band’s fourth album, aptly titled Four on August 20th. They are streaming the album now on their website. Head over to four.blocparty.com to check it out.

The band had been leaning electronic on their last two albums, in particular Intimacy, but on Four we see them abandon that almost entirely, along with their dancey hooks, for a more straight ahead rock sound. While a different sound than previous releases this works well, and I think most fans will find it refreshing.

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Hooray For Earth snagged my ears with the release of True Loves last year. Now they are set to introduce some new music on Dovecote Records. The label will release “Never” b/w “Figure” August 21 as “twin singles” according to the label’s website. I think this song is great as it continues the band’s juxtaposition of lofty, pop vocals over lo-fi production. I’ll be lined up to pick this one up next week.

(h/t Pitchfork)

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Update: It looks like Two Door Cinema Club just launched an unpdated website. Check it out at twodoorcinemaclub.com.

I finally got around to listening to the sophomore album from the jewels of Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club‘s Beacon. I’m always anxious listening to a sophomore album from a band whose debut I view as amazing. There are simply too many sophomore slumps to ignore the chances that any given band will also befall such bad luck.

However, I’m happy to report that Beacon is anything but a sophomore slump. Building on the driving rhythms and dance beats of Tour History, Two Door finds themselves evolving and maturing, but not changing their style so much as to leave their past behind. Songs like “Someday” and “Sleep Alone” could have been outtakes from their previous work, yet they fit nicely with the rest of the collection.

Here’s the official trailer for the album:

Beacon doesn’t get an official release until September of this year, but you can pre-order the album now.

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Photo via SPIN.com

News broke today that Tony Sly, best known as the lead singer of Bay Area punk band No Use For a Name, has died at the age of 41.

This is a bummer for many reasons, not the least of which being that Sly made some really great music that I loved. I had the pleasure of seeing NUFAN live several times and chatting with Sly on more than one occasion. He always seemed very down-to-Earth; a nice guy.

Details are sketchy about the cause of death (I haven’t seen any details reported, actually). I fear that it was drug related because I feel the cause of death would have been released otherwise. If you need a fix of NUFAN, or need an introduction to the band, check out All the Best Songs, the band’s best of compilation, available as a digital download for only $6.00 from Fat Wreck Chords.

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I can’t stop listening to this song! It’s Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros with out all the annoying jam band bs. That’s how I describe the album.

Is “Little Talks” this summer’s “Home”? Give it a listen below.


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